Handwritten Direct Mail

Handwritten direct mail is the one of the most effective ways to reach your potential clients and customers. Ever wondered why your direct mail marketing efforts come to nothing? The answer: You aren’t using handwritten direct mail. When people check their mail after a long day of work they don’t want to see what looks like another credit card application or insurance company letter begging them to buy a term life policy. No, they want to a nice piece of handwritten mail that brings back memories of letters from an old pin pal or card from grandma on their birthday. They want to open that metal box and find a handwritten love letter from an old love. What do they get instead? Junk!!! No, wonder some people avoid their mail box like the plague. If you have a message that is worth getting to your potential customers you need to consider handwritten direct mail as a way to stop them from thinking your letter is just another piece of junk.

Despite these issues with direct mail marketing it still remains an effective way of marketing for many businesses but the volume you need in order to be effective is unrealistic. With incredibly low open rates this means of marketing requires large amounts of capital and the chopping down of a few small forests to be successful. Handwritten direct mail is a different story though. With extremely high open rates and abnormally high read rates direct mail written by hand can be far more effective at reaching your audience with only a fraction of the volume of letters mailed.

How handwritten direct mail works

You send us a digital copy of the marketing materials you want to promote through a handwritten direct mail campaign. Our team of skilled scribes will then make as many copies as you need. Once they are finished we will send you these copies for use in you handwritten direct mail campaigns. You can even add extra personalization by signing these letters with your personal signature.

5 reasons to use handwritten direct mail

• Its personal
• It gets opened
• It makes a statement
• It makes your customers feel important
• Its old fashioned
• It works!

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