Handwritten Greeting Cards

Handwritten Greeting Cards

Let’s face it if a greeting card doesn’t have something on it written by hand it just doesn’t mean as much anymore.  In a digital age where everything is in print people have grown tired of getting cards with no personal touch.  Yeah sure in the past if you typed a letter or a card out on a type writer it meant you took extra time and effort in creating it but now with everything digital and in printed fonts that which is handwritten stands out and gets read.   Specifically in the case of all types of greeting cards you want to show people you cared to take the time write them something by hand.  From birthday cards to anniversary cards to welcome cards to condolence cards to a get better soon card you want people know that you think they are important and worth the time to write them something handwritten.

The Problem

What if instead of having to send one handwritten greeting card you have to send 100 or 1000 or 10,000?  This becomes much more of a challenge for most individuals.  Social networks have made this a very real issue today.  It’s not uncommon to have thousands of friends on Facebook and Twitter and for some with a busy social life that number can grow every day.  What if you want to send a handwritten greeting card for the holidays to all your friends on Facebook?  No one person has the time to write that many cards to everyone they care about.

The Solution: Handwritten Greeting Cards from HandwrittenDocs.com

With a trained staff of scribes HandwrittenDocs.com has the resources to make duplicate handwritten copies of any greeting card.  With affordable prices and fast turnaround times we save you both time and money by writing your greeting cards for you.  We can take on a handwritten project of almost any size with our flexible scalable part time work force of scribes while keeping the costs for you low.

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