Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes

With hundreds of messages bombarding everyone these days if want to get your message across to them are going to have to set yourself apart from the rest.  But how can you do that when you’re up against flashy messages that scream for people’s attention.  Two words “Handwritten Notes”.  Handwritten notes say something that a flashing banner or a bright colored ad can’t say.  They say there is an individual out there who took the time to write me by hand in a digital mass media world.

Ask yourself when was the last time someone took the time to give you a handwritten note and you didn’t stop to take the time to read it.  Having trouble thinking of a time like that?  And even if you didn’t read a note like this at one point, is that what you normally do with handwritten notes?  For the overwhelming majority of us we know that when we get notes handwritten we are eager to read the content.  Why is that you ask?  We at Handwrittendocs.com think it has something to do with those handwritten words on the piece of paper.  Those words scribed in pen on that paper say something that printed words just don’t say.  Those words say things like “you are important to me”, “I care for you”, “I have something important to tell you that you can’t miss out on” and many other things that tell your audience it is an important note.

Handwritten Thank You Notes

Nothing says thank you like handwritten thank you notes.  Are you frustrated because you want thank a lot of people that are important to you or helped you in some way but you don’t have the time to write hundreds of people a handwritten thank you note.  Handwrittendocs.com can help.  Send us your thank you message and we’ll use our staff of scribes to write out your thank you note for you hundreds or even thousands of times.  Save time and still show you care.


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