Services is your one stop shop for all your bulk handwritten needs.  Our team of skilled scribes specializes in producing large quantities of handwritten documents in a timely manner.  From cards, to letters, to papers, to mailers we specialize in creating quality low cost handwritten copies of your messages in whatever form they take.

Our Handwritten Document Service List

  • Cards
  • Notes
  • Addressed Envelopes
  • Invitations
  • Papers

Handwritten Cards

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that just because communication is faster than it ever was it is more effective than ever.  Sending a handwritten card is often times slower but much more effected then sending an email.  When your audience is being targeted by thousands of messages a day you have to find a way to get your message to rise to the top.  When you send a handwritten card you can be almost sure that it will get read as opposed to an email or even a printed card.  So when it comes to sending out your most important bulk messages think about using to hand write your next set of cards.

Handwritten Thank You Notes

Nothing says thank you like handwritten thank you notes.  Are you frustrated because you want thank a lot of people that are important to you or helped you in some way but you don’t have the time to write hundreds of people a handwritten thank you note. can help.  Send us your thank you message and we’ll use our staff of scribes to write out your thank you note for you hundreds or even thousands of times.  Save time and still show you care.

Hand Addressed Envelopes

If you are using printed addresses on your envelopes on your most important mail you probably are missing more people than you could be with hand addressed envelopes.  Hand addressed envelops make your notes, cards, and letters stand out from all the junk mail most people get on a day to day basis.  In order to save time people whether consciously or unconsciously have created rules about what kind of mail they will open and what kind of mail will go straight to the trash.  If we open and read everything every marketer mailed us we would waste countless hours of our day so we chose to read what looks important.  Sometimes we will open items that appear to be official documents only to find out it was a trick when we open the envelope to see that it is just another piece of junk mail.   Handwritten envelopes on the other hand almost always give the impression of something being important.  In light that if you want to get something opened you should consider hand addressed envelopes every time you need the highest open rate for the mail you send.

Handwritten Invitations

Are you sick of the same old Internet invitations that feel like every other email that gets sent out?   Do you have a big event or party coming up that you want people to show up to?  Are your guests important to you?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions you might want to think about handwritten invitations for your next party or event.  Handwritten invitations let your potential guests know they are important and valuable to you.  These kinds of invites tend to get read more than simple printed or emailed invites.  Handwritten party invitations show people you are having a classy party and you want them to be a part of it.  In a digital age invites often lack the personal touch that they had in previous generations but with handwritten event invitations your invitees will think twice before passing up your event.

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